Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here! With the quiet release of the Commodore 64 or C64 for short and the Neo Geo Mini International this week I’m going to to a mini(no pun intended) console review on all of the current ones that are available and let you know which one you should or shouldn’t get.

C64 mini

  • Let us start with the one current mini console that was released on October the 9th, the C64. The C64 was launch in 1982 and was a massive hit at the time. Now it’s making a comeback with the C64 mini and it set itself apart from the other mini in you can add your game via roms and the ability to update it to the latest firmware. The other mini-console on this list doesn’t have that ability to do either or and that surprised me the most. The C64 mini will have 64 games, the most so far and more with the add your game ability. Take note that the graphics are not that great and its other version, the Amiga was better in every way and adding the games is not so simple. If you are a collector or grew up with a C64, get it, if not I would put this on the maybe list for later. The C64 cost about $80.

Neo Geo Mini International Version

  • SNK just released the Neo Geo Mini International Version, and if you own the Japanese Version and know how to set everything and such, then this is just the same but with a few differences. The International Version has 15 exclusive games to it, and it’s more action games focused that to the fighting game focused Japanese Version. The Color is white and blue not white and red. If your an SNK hardcore fan, collector or love action arcade games, this is a must. The price varies and also depending on where you get it from.

Neo Geo Mini Japanese Version

  • During the summer SNK released the Neo Geo Mini Japanese Version and its great. Its a fighting game focused mini console, and both this version and the International will have a built-in screen that you can play like if you were in the arcade. No other mini can do that, and that is a selling point, that and SNK rarely sell any hardware. The price varies and also depending on where you get it from.

NES Classic

  • Nintendo was the one that started the mini console, and they set the bar for a while with the NES Classic. With 30 games for both the Famicom (NES in Japan) and NA/PAL version with just eight different games for each region. The game selection here is ok, not that great and they left out a lot of classic games on each side, ESPECIALLY Castlevania 3. Besides these two, they released a Limited Shonen Jump Edition in July of this year and had sold over 110,000 units in two days. Out of all of the mini consoles, this is the cheapest with a price of $60.

SNES Classic

  • Nintendo hit gold again with the SNES Classic. Like the NES Classic, they had 2 version, a Japanese and international version. Unlike the NES Classic, the SNES Classic only has 21 games, but they made it up with lots of great classic games such as Super Metroid, Contra 3 and Star Fox 2, which was never released in 1996. The SNES Classic goes for $80 and worth getting.

So now that I gave each mini a mini (sorry for the pun) review here is how I would post them from 1 to 4:

  1. Neo Geo Mini Either Version
  2. SNES Classic
  3. The C64 Mini
  4. NES Classic

So what you think this mini console era? Do you have any of these? Which mini console do you like to see in the near future? Let us know in the comment below!