Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here! A lot has happened within the past week, so we are going to highlight some of the stories that slip threw the cracks

Konami released a trailer for a Castlevania bundle titled Castlevania Requiem. The trailer shows that it will bundle Rondo of Blood and its sequel Symphony of the Night. The package will be released on PS4 on October 26 of this year for $19.99

Sega pushes back the release date for Mega Drive/Genesis mini to 2019 and will miss out on the system 30th anniversary, but the good news is that they will do a global worldwide release. More good news is that Sega is working with a domestic Japanese company to help them with this project, and not AtGames, which I’m soooo glad to hear.

The video game community took the spotlight on Jeopardy but not for the right reason. You can watch the clip here and all I have to say is wow, but I’m not surprised at all.

Kojima Production released a new trailer for their new game Death Stranding. The trailer we see Troy Baker for the first time in the game and while looks gorgeous, we still don’t know what the hell this game is about.

Smite maybe on it’s way to the Switch. According to Smite Datamining in the last patch, which is 5.18 for PC, BX1, and PS4, they found new engine configuration files which was added for the switch. Only time will tell if they make the jump.

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