Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Today we have two gaming news for the price of one. First, let’s start with the 2018 Tokyo Game Show or TGS 2018. TGS takes place in Japan and is considered one of the ‘Big Three’ in the video game industry, E3 and Gamescom are the other two. This year will be significant TGS with the like of will Sony will drop any hints of any other upcoming exclusives for this PS4, will Nintendo drop more gaming news during the show, with anything crazy gaming news will happen, we have to wait and see. TGS takes place September 20-23. 20-21 will be for business day aka industry only, while the 22-23 will be for the public.

Other news is the SNK has released an official trailer for the NeoGeo mini International Version. The international version will have a different top color and will have 14 games that will be exclusives to the international version. Amazon is taking pre-orders for the mini at $109 or a bundle deal with the mini and two controllers for $160. For anyone who is an SNK fan or a collector, this is a must buy and know how rare it is for SNK to release anything that is hardware is worth buying. If we get a hand on a pre-order mini, we will do a review on it ASAP.

Are you excited for TGS and the NeoGeo mini International Version? Let us know!