Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Last Friday David Ozer, President of IDW Entertainment is stepping down from his role to become an independent producer. According to The Hollywood Reporter Kerry McCluggage, the CEO of IDW Media Holdings released a statement as followed :

David has been with IDW Entertainment from the beginning and, along with his team, helped build IDW Entertainment into a thriving independent production company, and we wish him well in his future endeavors. We look forward to building on the solid foundation of our entertainment division by developing and delivering even more quality productions to the television and film markets. – Kerry McCluggage, CEO of IDW Media Holdings

Ozer is the fourth person from IDW to leave in the past few months, and we don’t know if IDW is cleaning up house or we should be worried. Whatever the situation is going on at IDW let hope it’s for the better and not for the worst. As of now, IDW has not released any other statement on who will be the next president for IDW Entertainment.

What do you think of this, is IDW in trouble? Let us know in the comments below