Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Last week I went to my local hole in the wall comic shop to buy Batman #50, and just as I was going to pay for it, I saw a beautiful cover art of a pig girl in a what I believe is a nightgown and a wolf’s hand coming from behind and stay on her stomach. That caught my eye, and I bought it as well, and I’m so glad I did. Mirka Andolfo’s UNNATURAL is an unbelievable fantastic first issue!

The story is about Leslie, the same pig girl from the cover, who is just like any regular human girl, has a job she hates, loves to eat sushi and lives under a very harsh government who punishes anyone or anything that saw as”unnatural.” I won’t go more into the story, but I will say this, it will hook you in. The interaction within the cast of anthropomorphic characters in this issue is terrific and enjoying as you can get. Leslie’s communication with her best friend Trish, who is a mouse girl is just excellent; if you replaced them with regular human girls then it would be good still, but having them as they are really making this comic shine. If you can imagine a pig and mouse girl talking about what they have to do that day while the mouse girl making sure her friend pays her part of the rent and enjoying it then this book is for you.

If the writing one half of a PB&J sandwich, then the artwork is the other half. I can not express how beautiful the art is. Andolfo not only writes the story, she also does the artwork herself! Each page has it’s own life and color to it. From Leslie’s bedroom, a look at the city, her workplace and more have a tone and artwork that make it an enjoyable experience to the eyes.

If you are looking for a new comic with a different look, feel, and style then I highly recommend picking up this series! Go to your local comic book shop and pick up issue 1, if you can’t then you can order it from Image Comics here

Regarding the sink, swim or walking the plank: A HUGE SWIM.